PHP Auto Copyright Code Examples

For PHP sites: Code to keep your copyright year always up to date:

For your PHP site (and who wouldn't want to have one) you can keep the year at the bottom of your pages up to date automatically. with just one line of code:

&copy; <?PHP echo date("Y"); ?> - Signore Web Design

Shows as:

© 2008 Signore Web Design

Or to present the copyright as a span of time:

&copy; 2002 - <?PHP echo date("Y"); ?> - Signore Web Design

Shows as:

© 2002 - 2008 Signore Web Design

Of course your pages need to be PHP pages (or another extension that the PHP interpreter is configured to parse) and running on a host that supports PHP (which they all do anyway).

And of course maintain the code in only one file using PHP includes!

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