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Why get a Facebook Fan Page?

You might be asking yourself: Why do I need a Fan Page for my business? Please allow me to explain.
Maybe you love Facebook, Maybe you think it's all a big waste of time. Even if you're in the latter group you can't deny that you know a million people who are facebook crazy. In fact if your in the latter group it probably nauseates you a little. Can't say I'm with you on that. I love facebook. Well then, so why listen to me about fan pages?
Listen to the facts:
  • Facebook has over 500 million active users
  • Most log in every single day
  • All Facebook users express their appreciation of a business or other brand through fan pages
  • All Facebook users spread the knowledge of that business or brand by "Liking" it or commenting on a fan page
  • Every time one of those interactions happens, every one of the Facebook users friends gets notified. Can you say Viral!
  • Facebook consumers have come to expect a fan page for business they are checking out.
  • Signore Web Design can create a fan page that stands out from all the rest. Oooops, shameless plug. Please call me at 508-533-7285 and I'll be glad to tell you how, or read on!

click a client name below to see examples from our Facebook portfolio

Norwood Public Access Television

Project currently in development. We are creating three tabs for NPA-TV:
  • A Schedules Tab that pulls content form their main website. (Click Here)
  • A Community Bulliten Board Tab that pulls community postings from theor video servers.
  • A main welcome tab that has important info and links back to the main website.

Motorola / Codex Contacts System

Created and manage the Fan Page for this group.

Clutch Grabwell

Created the Fan page for this Boston based band. Also created facebook tabs and applications.

Signore Web Design

We created a complete website for our facebook offerings. This resides completely on facebook and is a great example of the power that can be developed on the Facebook platform. It's a fully functioning website complete with menus and multiple pages and better yet, it can reside as a tab on a fan page if so desired!

Facebook Fan Page Development

It's pretty easy to set up a fan page for your business. You don't really need to pay us or anyone else to do that for you. We'll be glad to throw that in for FREE when you are having us create custom content for your fan page.
What we will do for you, that unfortunately won't be free, is create custom content and branding that otherwise can not be had in a standard Facebook fan page. Part of us doing that will be to evaluate your current website and determine functionality that can be either recreated on a custom tab or (and this is good!) create custom content that automatically updates when you update your website.
There's a lot of ways to skin the Facebook cat and we can put together an incredibly affordable package for you. The end result of our work will be a fan page for your business that is head and shoulders above the standard content that the default fan page allows.

Please contact Signore Web Design to find out more about our Facebook customizations.

Facebook Page Tab Development

Do you already have a fan page? There's still a lot we can do to give it custom content and branding that the plain Jane Facebook page just doesn't have. We can create a custom welcome splash tab that is heavily branded or contain content that normally just is not there.
If you have videos, images or MP3 content we can put that into a tab WITH your businesses branding to create a unique experience for your visitors.

Please contact Signore Web Design to find out more about our Facebook customizations.

Facebook Application Development

What is a Facebook application? It tales many forms. The most commonly known Facebook applications are ones like FarmVille & Mafia Wars. That's not what we specialize in creating. The focus that Signore Web Design brings is using the Facebook API's to make meaningful connections with your businesses current content, systems or whatever makes sense.
When it comes to all of this stuff it may be a little confusing. Not to worry. Our job is to identify the best path for developing customizations for your fan page.

Please contact Signore Web Design to find out more about how this all works.

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