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Web Site Administration

Who needs web site administration

Most of our clients (all actually) rely on us to be their off site "email administrators" and web server "IT support". We can handle all of that for you.

As we say, why should you learn about this, you've got a business to run !

Sometimes things don't work right and interfacing to the hosting company is required. If somethings not working right, We are ready to help you for occurrences such as:

  • Help! my emails not working, it was fine yesterday.
  • My Web site's not up!
  • I've got a new employee that needs a an email account
We can also help with on-site "intranet" issues.

Does web site administration cost anything?

Any service we provide is billed for. Most calls incur a very small fee and are billed in 15 minute increments.

We'll be glad to discuss yearly service/maintenance contracts with you also.

Contact Us about your web site administration needs.

Web site administration Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why would i need this?
    • When it comes to web hosting, web server administration, etc. hosting companies would have you believe that sites are never down and your email will always be working. Just as bill gates tells you windows never has any problems.....

      Truth is even good companies have problems and network problems can be complex. If you prefer to handle email and or web site outages yourself you can always do that but if you prefer that we interface with the hosting companies we're here to help!.
  2. Is there any cost associated with this?
    • Yes. The cost can be billed per incident or if you elect for a maintenance plan it's all included. Hours just get deducted from the maintenance plan total.
  3. Why should i get billed for this?
    • We are the web design firm. The hosting is done by a third party and although we use very stable hosting companies problems do arise. Simply put the problems are out of our control and acting on your behalf to quickly solve your issues will be billed for. If there's an error in functionality with your web site and we were at fault you will never be charged for it.
  4. What else can you do for us in this regard?
    • Please see our maintenance plans FAQ's for a better idea of the services we can provide.

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