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Organic SEO, Basic, Extended and PPC - what's it all about:

Organic SEO

SEO stands for "search Engine Optimization" which simply is the process of making your web site as "find-able" as possible on the search engines.

This is one area where a lot of mis-information abounds. We'll pepper this page with links to some information about current SEO practices to help illustrate what I'm talking about.

When we optimize your pages no unethical methods will be employed and there's one thing we'll never promise because it simply CAN NOT be guaranteed:

We'll get your site in the top 10 search results on Google / MSN / Yahoo
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You might hear this elsewhere but this is a subjective statement that needs to be understood. Say your business is "bob's amazing boat house, in Worcester, ma" Sure, i can get your site to the 1 spot on Google for "bob's amazing boat house Worcester, ma" (so can my 12 year old). But what if your future client is searching Google for: "boat dealers in MA". It's a little harder now because your site needs to compete with all the other boat dealers that have their sites optimized.

You might ask "well why don't you just put "boat dealer ma" in my meta-keyword tag a thousand times and It'll beat everyone else". Well if it was that easy my 12 year old would be making the money, not me. the major search engines have figured that trick out a long time ago. Most search engines gloss right over those tags (click here to read about meta-tags) and are good enough to weed out other over the top methods also (stuff that might even get you penalized or banned). Google can read your page and decide if it's good natural text that is meaningful to a human or if it's written just for the search engines.

There's a lot of factors that effect your ranking, this is a partial list:
  1. Content - This is like the old real estate axiom : "it's content, content, content". good content is at the heart of optimizing your pages.
  2. Inbound links - good quality inbound links help search engines decide if your page is important. These days link exchanges and even worse "link farms" do more harm to your site than good. What you need is people to find valuable information on your site and start linking to it. A news story on wouldn't hurt either.
  3. The page copy. O.K so it's content I'm still talking about but that doesn't mean we can't re-write the copy to help Google understand a little better how they should index your pages.
  4. Underlying code - There are some opportunities to optimize your page's code that should be taken advantage of, but not in an over the top way.
  5. oh and did i mention content????

Is there any SEO included in the cost of my web site?


we'll include what i call "Basic SEO". This will include the following:

  1. Set the site up for Google Analytics, Google Local and Google site maps
  2. Do a cursory treatment of pages to optimize them for the most obvious of terms
Anything above this will fall into the class of extended SEO and incur separate charges.

What's Extended SEO all about?

While we include a basic organic SEO with your web design it's hard to say that it will make you competitive with other sites. There's no guarantee that basic services can make you rank up there with competitors that have highly optimized sites.

There's a for pay service that includes researching to find the best popular key phrases, re-writing copy for them, building links to your site and monitoring.

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PPC Campaigns

We can help you with a Google PPC campaign if you like. Here's some information about what PPC is: PPC stands for Pay Per click. It is a paid form of advertising where your cost is determined on a per click basis. It's a great way to get more immediate results, although it still takes constant fine tuning to get the most profitable campaigns.

The success of any PPC campaign relies on figuring which key phrases make for the most clicks (Click Trough Rate) and re-focusing on those. Your cost per click is determined by a couple factors:

  1. what your maximum bid for any key phrase
  2. how your add is performing
  3. what others are paying for a key phrase
There are some great advantages to this type of system:
  1. you control costs on a maximum "per day spend" basis.
  2. you get very quick returns on how certain key phrases fair in Google
  3. You can target the display of your ad to geographical regions if your product or service has a regional appeal.
  4. it can provide more feedback on what are the best key phrases to optimize your site for.

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