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E-Commerce Gateway solutions provided:

If you need to accept credit cards from your new or existing e-commerce web site, We can help. We offer services in integrating the following payment gateways:

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PayPal offers a very easy to integrate, low cost solution for web sites to accept credit cards. If you expect low volume e-commerce usage (i.e. subscriptions or customers paying bills online) this might be the way to go. Using PayPal will allow you to avoid some of the service charges and monthly minimums required by other payment gateways.

I can help with any integrations of PayPal to your new or existing web site.
Click & Pledge is a payment gateway for Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations of just about any kind. They provide a very easy to integrate payment gateway. Like PayPal they provide low cost and no monthly minimums. They're perfect for:

  • Political Campaigns and PAC's
  • Associations and Organizations
  • Public Radio and Television
  • Universities and Schools
  • Music, Theater and other Arts organizations
We can assist you with any Click & Pledge integration for your new or existing web site. is the standard for payment gateways and is ideal for e-commerce sites of any size and type. There are different gateway fee's associated with this type of account but it is ideal for higher volume web site sales.

We can assist you with any integration for your new or existing web site. You'll need a Merchant Account first. Click here to get started!

What is a payment gateway all about?:

A payment gateway s comprised of the technologies and systems that allow you to submit a transaction for processing. The payment gateway accepts your customers information and routes it to the proper credit card company for processing. The gateway also handles approval or declining the transaction and in the case of an approved transaction handles depositing of funds into your account.

The gateway service provider (i.e. also provides merchants with tools to manage and export information on all transactions processed and manage refunds.

What are merchant accounts all about?:

A merchant account is an account with a financial institution where your funds are deposited. In one way or another the institution will except payments electronically on your behalf from the payment gateway. If you want to use and need a merchant account Click here to get started!

With the solutions listed above this works slightly different for each type:

PayPal PayPal allows you to set up a business account using an existing bank account of your own. PayPal accepts funds which you can then have transferred into the your bank account. With PayPal there are no monthly minimum transactions required but per transaction fees are slightly higher.
Click & Pledge Click & Pledge will accept funds on your behalf and based on amounts collected will cut a check to the designated account holder. They also have no monthly minimum transactions required but per transaction fees are slightly higher. With you need to set-up a merchant account (Click here) to have funds deposited in. has a lower per transaction fee but requires a minimum amount of deposited funds per month or you will be charged a minimum. There are also other fees associated with this type of service. See below for details.

What are the merchant account fees with each type of service?:

The three types of services listed have usage fees that go along with them. The fees listed below are for the service only and does not include the cost to have us integrate the solution into your new or existing web site.

Please review the fees associated with each account type:

Fee Type: Authorize PayPal (std/pro) Click & Pledge
(in house/your merc. acc.)
Set-Up: $0 $0 $50
Gateway: $19.95 $0 / $30 $0 / $25
Rate: 2.33% (<3K) 2.9% to (>100K) 1.9% 4.5% / 3.9%
Transaction/Batch 24¢ 30¢ 35¢
Address Verification
Monthly Statement $9.95 $0 $0
Check Processing $0 $0 $2.50
Charge Back $25 ? $35
ACH Reject $25 $0 $0

SSL Certificates

$99 to 400 per year. Hosting dependant

Please Note: This is not a complete list of all potential costs (just expected ones)
and some items listed do not apply to every type of transaction. Contact us or go to: For more detailed information. The above chart may not reflect current vendor pricing.

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