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Web Site Maintenance Plans

If you anticipate constantly updating the web site and prefer us to do that work for you. You may want to consider signing up for a maintenance plan.

All plans are structured the same way. The contract fee buys a certain amount of contract hours. There's no restrictions on how you use these hours. It could be for any function you desire. Really!

Use them for:
  • Web page updates
  • New functionality design and implementations for your site.
  • Getting network issues resolved.
  • Troubleshooting office network problems!
  • Almost any thing you need! Almost...
No service is performed without prior approval so you never find out that your suddenly "Out of hours".

Plans start at $1500 per year giving you 40 hours of contract time. That's more than half off our hourly rate when billed outside of a contract!

  • 40 hours contract time = $1500
  • 50 hours contract time = $1875
  • 60 hours contract time = $2250

Maintenance Plans Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can i use this time?
    • It's really your choice. You can use it for new project development, Updating the web site, Getting user email accounts set-up, adding features or just about anything else you want.
  2. What happens when the contract hours have been used up?
    • When contract hours have been used up you will be billed for any requested work at our standard rate until the contract renewal date.
  3. What happens if the contract renewal date arrives and I have hours left over?
    • Unfortunately hours expire on the contract renewal date so make sure you use them!
  4. Can i renew early?
    • Yes! If you have used your contract hours and would like to renew early that's O.K. Your contract time will expire on the new renewal date.

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