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Some code examples:

Are you looking for some code examples to get something done on your web site?

Hopefully this page will be able to help.

We're just putting this page together. When a section is done we'll put in a link to it. Check here soon for examples of how to:

  • CSS:
    • Add a custom cursor to an object
    • Add borders to an element
    • Make a drop shadow with CSS
    • A nice style for a "Questions & Answers" section

  • JavaScript:
    • Flash giving you DHTML layering (z-index) problems?
    • Block "Right Clicks"

  • Perl:
    • Connect to a DB
    • Open a file for reads
    • Do an SQL Query in Perl
    • Call another script (useful for Cron Jobs)

Please note: These snippets are from a variety of sources including publicly available scripts, Code books and our own work.

They are all provided "As Is". No technical help can be provided unless you want to pay for the service.

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