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MLSHook™ Real Estate Agency Listing System

Please note. the MLSHook system is currently being re-designed. If your interested in partnering with us during the redesign process you'll be able to get the system for free, for one year (subject to other terms, please ask) once the redesign is complete.

The MLSHook™ Agency Listing system is designed to allow MLS Pin H3 users with "Broker Accounts" a path to automatically update their web sites.

Once the system is configured and integrated into your web site all your office listings will available on your web site with no manual intervention from you.

Listings will be updated nightly, so anything you enter into MLSPin one day will just be there by the next morning.

The system is automated and requires no intervention from the broker once it is integrated. MLSHook™ also provides some other benefits
  • A complete "Admin System" that allows you to designate access.
  • The ability to publish "On Demand" if waiting for the nightly update is not acceptable (like when fixing errors in a listing)
  • Provide your listings as "RSS" feeds from your web site.
  • A Link partner system can be included
  • The system allows you to add custom information and documentation to each listing to go above and beyond what MLS provides.
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A little more about the MLSHook system redesign and the "one common question"

The redesign process will take several months to complete. During that time your web site will not be updating automatically. Once the updates are complete and tested you'll begin your one free year of service.

Here's some questions and answers about how it works:

  1. The one common question about the MlSHook system is: How does the broker account plays into the system:
    • The broker account credentials are used to download information for the brokers office listings. The raw information is downloaded, parsed and stored by our proprietary software in our listings database where you then can add custom listing information and documents that MLSPin otherwise does not provide for.
  2. Will the use of my Broker account details interfere with my using MLSPin?:
    • Absolutely not. Even if your using MLSPin at the time the downloads occur you will not suffer any degradation of performance.
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