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Here's some general FAQ's we put together. If you have a question that's not answered here. Let us know!

Paying for a web site FAQ's

  1. How much does a web site cost?
    • Every design job is different. Once we sit down with you and determine what the project entails we'll give you a quote.
  2. Does the cost ever go up from the quote?
    • While it's possible, we generally consider our quotes as "Flat Fee"
  3. Under what circumstances would that happen??
    • If mid-project the client alters the requirements of the design, costs may increase.
      If Technical solutions , especially when we're trying to accommodate your current hosting, become more difficult than anticipated.
  4. How will i know, will you notify me if something changes in those cases?
    • Yes! We'll never alter from the plan without consulting you first.
  5. How do i pay for my web site?
    • In two payments. Once we have agreed on an initial payment is r equired to start work and a second is due around the 80% to 90% completion mark of the project. We'll let you know when it's getting close.
  6. Who takes responsibility for paying for the web site?
    • The consulting contract contains a "letter of personal commitment". Who ever signs is legally bound to pay for the web site.

Design process FAQ's

  1. How does the design process work?
  2. Am i required to do anything?
    • Well technically no, but the web site is for your business. The more involved you are the more the finished product will reflect what your business message is.
  3. What should i do?
    • At a minimum be as open as possible when we meet about your company's information. You don't need to impress me. We'll manage the copy writing to talk about your business the best way possible. After that take an active role in reviewing the site as it develops. Feel free to give incremental feedback as it's getting designed. We want to know what you think!

      Without feedback we'll just think were doing it exactly the way you want.

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