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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - What's included?

O.K., You've decided to do a site with us. There has to be some level of search optimization done to any site or what good will it be. That would be like opening a store the desert, throwing a tarp over it and waiting for the rush of customers.

Included in the cost of any site is what we call "Basic SEO". This includes:
  • Optimizing for the most obvious/standard relevant key Phrases
  • Optimizing up to 4 topic pages
  • Setting up Google Site maps and analytics

Of course there's things that are not included:
  • Doing an in depth analysis of what the best key phrases would be
  • Optimizing pages for variations of key phrases
  • Doing a competitor analysis
  • Keyword density checking
  • Monitoring the site's performance across the engine's and fine tuning
  • Discounts on updates for site upgrades
  • And of course any PPC Campaigns.
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Will the included search optimizing be enough?

It's hard to say. There's a lot of web sites out there and you can bet that most of them are maintained to perform the best they can. What do you want for your web site?

So will it be good enough. We can try and see. It really all comes down to how competitive your market segment is.

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