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MyCCMS™ Custom Content Management System

The MyCCMS™ Custom Content Management System is a customized system that is designed to allow you to control updating your web site. The service is provided and integrated at the time your web site is created. It gives you an intuitive content management system that controls predetermined areas of the web site. You control when and by whom updates get done to the site.

There are several paths you can take when it comes to the maintenance of you web site. We can help you no matter which option seems right for you, whether it is:
  • Have us do all your updates
  • Do all updates yourself
  • Have us do updates to areas that rarely change and you do the rest with a MyCCMS system.

The system is geared towards your specific web site needs and is great for:
  • An online events calendar
  • A "Latest News" section of your web site.
  • Provide an "RSS" feeds from your web site.
  • A "Press elease" section of your web site.
The system allows you to re-publish the web site on demand and also set up system users to have user or admin access.
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